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Voyager 7S

More than 3000 clients are using Voyager 7S, our most advanced property management platform.

Yardi Voyager® 7S is the foundation of our full business real estate software platform. Join the Voyager 7S movement and take advantage of the enhanced features and mobile capabilities of our most advanced property management platform. Voyager 7S runs on any device using any browser, includes great mobile apps and add-on products, and is delivered as a Software as a Service, so you can work more efficiently and deliver competitive services to your residents.

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Improved Navigation Tools

Voyager 7S has improved navigation tools including a menu search box to find functions and a site search box to find account information quickly and easily. Make a favorites list of the screens you use most or use the history function to see where you’ve been. If you’re a keyboard power user, you can set up hotkeys for your favorite screens.

Greater Workflow Flexibility

We’ve added greater workflow flexibility. You can set up workflow approvals for things like work orders, new vendor purchase orders, budgets, commercial leases, check writing, and more.

Multiple Devices, Multiple Browsers

Use multiple devices, and multiple browsers. With Voyager 7S, you can work on a laptop, Surface, iPad, or smartphone. And because it’s browser independent, you can choose the browser that works for you.

Extend the Platform

Easily extend the Voyager 7S property management and accounting platform with integrated value-add products from our Yardi Marketing Suite™, Yardi Multifamily Suite™Yardi Commercial Suite™, and Yardi Investment Suite™ of products designed for marketing, leasing, facilities management, energy management, procurement, invoice processing, business intelligence and more.

Here’s what our clients are saying about Voyager 7S

“We have really enjoyed the increased efficiency we have experienced with Voyager 7S, including specific hotkey capabilities and auto-fill features. The upgrade of our database to 7S was a seamless, literally overnight process.”

Rebecca Hill
Chief Financial Officer, Briarcliff Development Co.

“The upgrade process went very smooth for us, there was very little down time and it was easy for me to transition to Voyager 7S. The new search feature makes a world of difference when navigating through the system, it makes it a lot more user friendly. I also like the new setup for the payable processing, it makes the approval process simpler and more efficient for me. It is also nice to be able to use the web browser of my choice.”

Matthew Evert, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, Versa Development, LLC

“The system’s mobile capability and full integration with products such as RENTCafe® and Yardi Maintenance™ enhance both our resident service and staff efficiency. Residents can make payments online, including recurring ones, and our maintenance staff can manage work orders in the field without returning to the office.”

Larry Busgeon
Controller, Landmark Realty

Key Features

  • Works with all web browsers and any mobile device
  • Configurable role-based dashboards
  • Streamlined leasing workflow
  • Analytic reporting with drilldown, and custom report writing
  • Smart data entry and quick access to history and frequently visited screens
  • Integration with Orion combines for holistic business intelligence across your portfolio

Key Benefits

  • Cross-browser, mobile-ready platform enables business operations, virtually anywhere
  • Improved interface with intuitive technology enhances the user experience
  • Mobile solutions and apps provide 24/7 access to improve out-of-office efficiency
  • SaaS deployment provides a secure, compliant, low-risk, hassle-free environment