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What Our Clients Say

Yardi Systems is the industry’s leading investment, asset and property management system with over 10,000 clients across the globe from a variety of mixed sectors in Retail, Office, Industrial and Residential real estate. Here are a selection of quotes from some our clients in the UK and across the globe in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

More than 12 million residential units and up to 12 billion square metres of commercial space are under management with Yardi solutions. We look forward to assisting all our clients with their investment, asset and property management needs.

“As we grow our UK portfolio, we wanted a technology platform that provided scalability, cost savings, flexibility, increased efficiency and was future-proof. Yardi Kube provides all of this and much more.”

Janthea Griffin – Operations Director – 2-Work

“Internal controls are a key part of our operations, enabling us to maintain consistent client service, minimise risk and ensure our clients meet their legal and regulatory compliance obligations. Yardi’s enhanced automation and processes have added significant value in this area, adding a further level of robustness to our control framework.”

Paul Conroy – Group Head of Real Assets – Aztec Group

“We need a single source of truth for our investment lifecycle, from acquisition and development to management and disposition. Only a fully integrated system such as Yardi Voyager can provide that for our growing portfolio.”

Aidan Durkin – Head of Group Finance  – Bartra Capital Group

“We’re excited to have transitioned our portfolio to the Voyager platform. We’ve been able to combine our property management and financial accounting processes by using one integrated platform, which has improved our efficiency and helped us scale the business further. Yardi’s technology has enabled us to quickly and concisely report on the performance of our assets and investments and enable better-informed business decisions.”

AJ Dawes – Vice President of Finance Real Estate  – Brookfield Properties

“Caisson’s strategy is focused on providing unrivalled levels of client value beyond core asset management and to achieve this it was necessary to address process efficiency early on in our business cycle. Re-keying of data is an enormous issue for companies managing large portfolios, especially where there is a demand to deliver timely quarterly reports. With Yardi Voyager we can meet the needs of core report generation head-on, enabling Caisson to offer clients greater value and develop wider services.”

Phillip Stott – Founding Partner – Caisson

“We wanted a scalable system that takes care of back-office functions as well as lead management and resident services. Resident engagement was a big draw for us, which we know will be easily achieved through Yardi’s white-label resident app.”

Sebastien Simpson – PRS Project Manager – City & Docklands

“Yardi’s comprehensive marketing solutions were a pivotal draw in our decision. RentCafe will give us the ability to offer booking journeys which will improve engagement, increase leads and ultimately fill buildings quicker.”

Jane Crouch – COO – Fresh Property Group

“Yardi helps us deliver connected solutions, efficient staff, which all feeds into a positive resident experience. That’s about all we can ask for from a proptech provider.”

Christian Armstrong – Brand, Product & Technology Leader – Get Living

“Being able to meet client standards and regulatory needs in any jurisdiction added a huge amount of confidence in the services we provide. Yardi’s innovation is global in scope but the company also knows the needs of local markets. Having such a multi-dimensional platform has allowed us to further build credibility and confidence among our clients with regards to our reporting and financial control functions.”

Adam Pearce – Managing Partner – Kintyre

“At Node we’re hungry to offer truly inspirational, creative and community-style living spaces across the globe and we embrace technology as a core part of our offering,” comments Khera. “Working with Yardi to help us automate, streamline and mobilize our property management operations will further help us execute on this vision of a better way to live.”

Anil Khera – Founder and CEO – Node