Unlock Efficiency & Precision with Yardi Valuation Manager


In commercial real estate, accurate asset valuations are fundamental. Especially when making financial decisions, managing risk, complying with regulations, maintaining the overall health and efficiency of your portfolio as well as promoting confidence. However, the intricacies of lease details, dynamic budget assumptions and the need for real-time insights pose hurdles in maintaining precision and efficiency. Yardi Valuation Manager is a powerful tool that seamlessly connects with Yardi Voyager. It helps to reduce error and risk, delivering more accurate asset valuations that are founded on industry-standard assumptions, calculation methodologies and your business rules.

Here are some of the reasons why Yardi’s Valuation Manager has become an indispensable tool for asset managers.

Unlock Efficiency & Precision with Yardi Valuation Manager

Enhance Accuracy & Connect Your Data

Valuation Manager lets you easily create valuations for all assets under management in Yardi Voyager for existing properties and model new acquisitions. This seamless connection delivers faster results by eliminating duplicate data entry and data transfers between disparate systems. It also provides a single source of truth across your portfolio.

Furthermore, by factoring in lease details from the real estate’s core billing system, you can significantly enhance the accuracy of valuations to provide better visibility and understanding of the property’s financial health. This ensures that valuations are grounded in up-to-date lease data, reducing the margin for error and increasing confidence in decision-making.

Forward-Looking Perspective

A standout feature of Valuation Manager is its connection with Yardi Forecast Manager. This enables users to create valuations using up to date budget data, current unit and lease assumptions and debt information. You can empower stakeholders to make informed decisions based on the latest financial projections and economic changes to ensure that valuations remain relevant and responsive.

Assess Tenant Risk with Lease Manager Integration

Valuation Manager seamlessly connects with Yardi Lease Manager to provide better visibility into tenant risk. As the value of an asset also considers tenants and tenant risk, Lease Manager and Valuation Manager help build scenarios that consider the risk associated with each tenant. Additionally, it integrates tenant risk into the variables, e.g., discount rates, cap rates etc, to help with calculation and value. Also, with its connection with Yardi Deal Manager, your valuation team can assess whether a deal will have a positive or negative impact on the value of the asset so they can suggest the best options to the leasing team.

Capitalising on Construction

Yardi’s Valuation Manager takes integration further by efficiently connecting with Yardi Construction Manager. This feature allows the valuation team to review the MLA as well as ratios based on the capital expenditure (CAPEX) planned over the holding period. Furthermore, this connection allows you to have the CAPEX impact up to date, better data of projects to see the impact on value and ratios as well as justification of assumptions and hypotheses. By incorporating data from ongoing and upcoming projects, the tool ensures that valuations consider the changing physical landscape of the property, providing a comprehensive perspective.

Features & Benefits that Define Excellence

The feature-rich Valuation Manager includes an intuitive valuation dashboard that offers transparency into multiple valuations for each property. The summary page provides easy-to-read, printable reports with links to verify data, empowering users to dive deep into the details when needed. Furthermore, transparent calculations linked to results provide a clear understanding of how the numbers are derived, fostering trust in the valuation process. Additionally, the connection with Yardi Voyager ensures units and leases are seamlessly linked, providing a cohesive view of the property’s financial landscape.

Effortless Valuations & Risk Reduction with Yardi

At the heart of Valuation Manager is its ability to efficiently generate valuations for existing commercial assets managed on the Yardi platform. The tool taps into the comprehensive data within Yardi’s unified solution, ensuring valuations not only meet industry standard assumptions and calculation methodologies but also reflect the current and dynamic state of the property.

See how you can enhance your valuation process and make data-driven decisions with confidence.