Do You Invest in US Real Estate?


Discover Yardi Matrix, the United States most complete real estate market intelligence source.

Yardi Matrix offers the most comprehensive market intelligence tool for investment professionals, equity investors, lenders and property managers who underwrite and manage investments in residential (multifamily), student housing, office, industrial, self storage properties across the United States.

Matrix enables you to delve into an analysis of current market conditions in the US. You can access reports and see micro and macro levels to make highly informed real estate investment decisions.

Access Property-Level Information

Yardi Matrix - Do you invest in US real estate?

Residential Market Intelligence

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive apartment market intelligence covering 116,000+ properties with 21.9+ million units across 178 markets, covering >92% of the U.S. population.

Matrix gives users access to property-level information. This includes apartment (conventional and affordable), as well as single-family rentals in build to rent communities and student properties. You can access reports on nationwide rental market conditions, metro area, or see city snapshots that cover surveys of multifamily apartment properties of 50 units or more.

Furthermore, you can explore data on student housing properties with 50+ units surrounding 2,521 colleges and universities. Search by school, conference, or state in quarter-mile increments from a campus. See the latest multifamily report.

Commercial Market Intelligence

Matrix also offers information on commercial space, including office (general office, medical office and laboratory/research and development), industrial (general, cold storage, and e-commerce), and self storage properties. The monthly national report for commercial includes leasing, development trends, transactions and more.

With Yardi Matrix, you have direct access to all property owners (the real owner, not the LLC), key contacts, and portfolios with site-level granularity. The same access is available for all management companies and contacts.

Property-level information provides photographs, physical characteristics, loan maturity details, prior sales, rental history and property ownership/management detail. With this level of insight, you can utilise detailed information about the market that is not available anywhere else today.

Instant Market Updates

Subscribers to Yardi Matrix access regularly updated market information at two levels. The individual property, or the overview of market conditions critical to assessment of current and prospective market status.

Elevate Your Business with Yardi Matrix

Power your business with the real estate industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence tool. Stay in the know with the latest property market trends and forecasts backed by Yardi Matrix analytics. Explore US national and metro reports, uncover actionable business insights and start making well-informed investments in the residential/multifamily, student housing, industrial, office and self storage sectors.