Yardi Proptech Insights

Introducing Yardi Proptech Insights – a series where we address the toughest questions around proptech with a simple conversation.

This episode features Michael Herrington, director of build to rent operations for Related Argent. In March 2015, Argent and Related joined forces. Related Argent brings together the expertise and track record of Argent – the developer behind some of Britain’s most successful mixed-use places and Related – one of the most innovative and prolific real estate companies in the US. Together, it is developing places of unprecedented scale and versatility, acting as a force for good in our cities. Justin Harley, regional director for Yardi sits down with Michael Herrington to discuss the importance of scaling in BTR and how to prepare.

Key topics:

  • How does proptech play a role in scaling in BTR?
  • Rental is a transactional business – you need to make it quick – how does technology help?
  • Tech doesn’t go without people and process: How does the industry create an efficient and seamless customer experience?
  • How does Related Argent plan to scale within the UK market?

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