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Reduce costs with paperless invoice processing

Streamline the way you process invoices with efficient, online approval workflows. Approve invoices faster and make fewer mistakes by scanning paper invoices and converting them into Voyager electronic transactions. Ensure timely vendor payments via EFT.


Paperless Processing

Cut the costs of copying, mailing and storing paper invoices. Gain the efficiency of streamlined scanned electronic payables. Save time with every invoice approval as electronic payables are imported directly to Voyager and automatically linked to purchase orders.

Scanned invoice images are stored in the Voyager database and readily accessible for future review.


Lower Costs

Avoid the inconvenience and expense of processing paper invoices. Electronic payables lower the cost of approving payables and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry.


Review Online

Facilitate fast and accurate approvals by quickly routing invoices to the right member of your team. Approvers receive email alerts, then log in to their dashboard to process each invoice.

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Centralise Oversight

Gain portfolio-wide oversight of organisational spend, standardise approvals and facilitate effective executive decision making with a single, centralised, electronic accounts payable system.


Improve Cash Management

Avoid late fees and take advantage of early-pay discounts by accelerating invoice processing and making payments faster via EFT.

Go Mobile

Handle accounts payable tasks and approvals on the go with Yardi PAYscan Mobile, available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.