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Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting

Continuously measure the financial health of your real estate investments

Replace labour-intensive, error-prone spreadsheets with Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting, which delivers quick, accurate budgets, custom forecasts and valuations from a single connected platform.


Enhance Budgeting Accuracy

Reduce budgeting cycle times with a system that leverages underlying lease expenses, renewals, options and speculative leases data from Yardi Voyager.

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Leverage Flexible Modelling

Create budgets based on model properties that let you modify or delete units and records to support budgeted leasing assumptions. Update assumptions on the fly and incorporate information on deals in progress by integrating Yardi Deal Manager and Yardi Leasing Manager.

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Gain Real-time Valuations

Automatically calculate future cash flows and determine net present values (NPV) and internal rates of return (IRR) at the property or portfolio level.

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Improve Decisions

Make better decisions on acquisition and disposition by analyzing unlimited “what if” scenarios. Get all the information you need to make smart deals by combining real-time property, lease and investor data with market leasing assumptions and other variables.

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Report Fully

Report on budget accounts with narratives and detail. Easily view revenue, lease inducements, market leasing assumptions and occupancy for a budget term. Quickly isolate variances with analytics that allow quick comparison of budget versions.